Benji sometimes throws things at Mimi. Sometimes when she screeches, he screams even louder. Sometimes he grabs things out of her hands.

But mostly he is protective. If he thinks she is really crying, he runs to where she is. He is so used to her being around, one day when he woke up from his afternoon nap and she wasn’t there (I had taken her to the doctor), he ran around the house saying “Mimi? Mimi?” most concerned and then gave us a huge broad smile when we came home, the relief apparent on his face.

Lately, he’s taken the protectiveness up a notch. When old ladies and random people crowd around Mimi to coo over her, Mr. B gets worried. He rushes to the pram and places his small hand in front of her face like a celebrity bodyguard dealing with the paparazzi.* This is exactly how my sister was with me so it makes me smile even more.

Mimi, on the other hand, is a little princess. Sometimes she watches the mayhem around her with pursed lips. Sometimes she laughs loudly and uproariously at something you do. Then, the next day she will decide it’s not that amusing and will just stare. If she is sleepy and you try to chat, she will give you the death stare, the kind I would give schoolteachers if they referred to me by my sister’s name. She knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to get it – that comes from V’s side of the family.

Benji is kooky and a dreamer. Personality wise, I think he takes after me. He doesn’t want to try too hard at anything. Sometimes, he stops what he’s doing and stares off into space open mouthed. The other day, he took a book and disappeared behind a curtain for a poopy.

*Last weekend, when we went to a mall, we ran into a colleague of mine with his son. The colleague and his wife were checking Mimi out and Benji came running over and covered her face. The other kid was kind of confused and then did the same – apparently he thought that’s what one did with babies.