Dear all,


This is just a short note to let you know I am not dead. I am sick. Basically the flu – body ache, fever that won’t go down, cough which has transformed into cold – and if that wasn’t enough period. AND I’m in office – I chose to come in because I had meetings scheduled that I’d rather get done but dang, sitting here is killing me. Mid-morning my boss came by and told me to take a hike. But I persist. All to evade the stress of not rescheduling a meeting.


A couple of weeks ago my sister came down with a nasty bug. Diarrhoea accompanied by headache and muscle pain. This being the girl who never falls sick – the one and only time she has ever puked was when she was pregnant (“OMG, it’s so horrible. Everything just comes out. Don’t know how people do it more than once”) – she was struck actionless by the illness. She had no clue what to do.


Later, I asked her: “So the pain didn’t go after you took Tylenol?” and she paused and then said sheepishly: “I don’t know why I didn’t take Tylenol. I only took it on day 3 and God, it was like magic. Now I know why people get addicted to painkillers.” And I had to gently explain to her that people who are addicted to painkillers pop pills to dull an emotional pain and not a physical one and if you’re taking pills within the medically prescribed limits for good reason, it doesn’t count as addiction. Then she was describing her headache and I said: “Did you try putting a hot water bottle or warm compress?” and again she was struck dumb. Apparently, she had to google what to eat when one has diarrheoa and was horrified that only congee and toast was showing up. A week later she is back to going out jogging.


Some people, I tell you. I am sick so often, I’m like a walking dictionary of remedies. It is very odd being related to someone who a couple of times during our childhood tried to fake an illness so she could get some attention.


That said, day 2 and this illness is getting old. It doesn’t help that V is out of town on work so I have to guiltily let the helpers hold the fort and avoid my own children. Benji is the one who gave me the bug; Mimi, touch wood, has been immune but that could change anytime soon. I’m seriously considering the flu shot.


My mom commented that I fall sick too often and I contested that but she pointed out I’d had a severe cold a month ago. Probably is, I’m doing everything right. Eating fruit and veggies. Taking a multi-vitamin on top (my pregnancy one, no less), exercising (okay kinda). So why why? It’s small consolation that everyone in the MTR seems to be sick. I cannot fall ill every time the weather changes.