So, amid the disaster flu of last week, I also had a technological breakdown. My phone which has been hanging on to dear life for a while finally gave up the ghost… well, enough for me to realise I can’t delay getting a new one anymore.

Benji’s water bottle leaked on it and I panicked and pressed a button which is apparently what you should not do and there was a flash of light and then, nothing. I proceeded to tend to it with a hair-dryer as I had read about on the Internet which may or may not have helped it turn on again, but with a screen that could only be read under bright light.

So basically, I needed a new phone. Pronto.

I’d being dithering over the iphone5 for a while. V had been trying to convince me to get the iphone4 since I don’t need any better but irrationally, I want to get the latest technology since I don’t upgrade that often, even though I’m not sure exactly what that latest technology is. Also, Samsung has become really popular in Hong Kong and a friend recently replaced his iphone4 with a Samsung SIII and the features looked really good, and I’ve been beginning to think that the iphone is not as intuitive as it claims to be. For example, I hate iTunes.

Anyway, after a week of enduring my busted phone – two days of which I hoped that it would burst back to life – I went down to buy a new one. I didn’t go before because regressive as it is, I cannot buy technology without my husband around. This was proved to be true when we went to a shop and I asked V why the SIII was better than the SII and he churlishly asked me to ask the salesguy so I did and he just stared at me like I was mad. I think he just didn’t know where to start. Apparently, there is no man, woman or child in Hong Kong who is so clueless about technology that they ask broad and not pointed questions. Then, V stepped in and asked specific things like the camera and then it made more sense. Kinda. I still think the salesguys should be able to do a brief intro of the product instead of just gaping when asked.

I laid hands on an iphone5 and decided I liked it best, except I should have thought less and acted faster because right now it is impossible to get that phone except possibly in the grey market. So in the end, with V breathing down my neck and trying to bulldoze me into buying a cheapo phone, ostensibly so that I can get the iphone5 later (which I don’t believe will happen), I bought the Samsumg SIII.

So far it’s going okay. I like that I can see the screen and the size of the screen. I don’t like that it buzzes and I don’t know why. Unlike the iphone, messages don’t come up on the screen. So when it buzzes it could mean one of many things and I have to go check my messages, whatsapp etc and mysteriously, it’s none of them. I am still in the dark why it’s been buzzing. Eventually, I shall find out. I have faith. It also has these many screens which sometimes have the same apps as the previous screen. And I can’t type properly on it. And the Internet doesn’t work in the MTR which I know is the fault of my data plan but I used to get some connectivity out of it with the iphone. The good thing is that I’ll finally be forced to hopefully get a really good data plan.

But what I do like is the camera. My previous phone – the iphone3GS (yes, go snigger but it served me well) – had a shit camera and so I pretty much didn’t bother taking photos with the phone which I really wanted to because, hello, I have children and also I like to think I could take really cool photos if only I had my phone around. Except that I’m a crap photographer, my hand shakes and I don’t frame things well.

However, there’s Instagram, which again I didn’t bother with with the old phone, but now I’m on it. And because I had no idea how to use Instragram and because I really need a project right now, I’m doing this challenge. And this is my first photo.

And completely off topic, may I also record my joy on Obama’s win. I wasn’t as entrenched in this campaign as I was in the last one and I am more cynical about his abilities but when he won, I still got a little teary-eyed. Well, politics aside I have an enormous crush on the man.