It was one of those eventful weekends that I feel the need to chronicle. On Saturday evening, I had made reservations for dinner at this very expensive Italian place. I dressed up in some finery and then had the requisite argument with V because he insisted on wearing a t-shirt. My ranting did nothing to change his mind and short of one of us not going, I just had to suck it up.


On the way there, had a brief argument with V over his theory that four times the cost of a meal does not equal four times the quality. While I agree with this, I believe that sometimes it’s just not possible to get that quality in the mid-range price point. V disagreed.


We arrived early so I went to the Gap store since I have not been shopping in Central in that long and I have had a crush on the Gap aesthetic since I was a wee 12-year-old flipping through Vogue. I would love to be one of those women who dress in a black turtleneck and plaid mini with black tights but alas, my hips don’t lie. Having eschewed stylish outerwear, I found myself drawn to their PJs. In fact, I find myself craving good sleepwear a lot these days and wanting to invest more in that department. This says a lot about the state of my life.


The dinner sadly turned out to be disappointing. The wine was good but ended up giving me a slight tummy-ache (my fault, not the wine’s). There were a couple of good starters but I had to struggle to remember them so they were clearly not that good. I struggled to finish my pasta; the first thing I tasted was salt. There were a lot of well-heeled people around and a friend and I sniggered over a completely beige woman, and I mean beige. Her hair was beige, her skin was beige, her lace minidress was beige and so were her shoes. It was odd. The dessert list looked too esoteric so we decamped to Haagen Daz. It kind of proved my point about the difference between the upper and the lower end of the food spectrum. Anyway.


The next morning, we went to the mall to book tickets for Skyfall. We couldn’t book over the Internet because we had vouchers but that was okay because Benji loves the bus ride. Tickets booked, we discovered a kiddie floor which had some slides and cars for kids and Benji was in heaven. None of the shops in the mall were open but there were an increasing amount of families straggling into that area for the purpose of keeping their kids entertained. Such is a life of a parent. Populating the free play area of a mall at 9 am while the cleaning ladies do their thing. One very smart shop opened and we ended up buying two pairs for shoes for Benji there. I also tried to squint into Mothercare to see if the clothes are more expensive than the ones I bought in India.


In the evening, V and I were back at the mall for the movie. We decided to have a quick dinner first which unfortunately turned into a not-so-quick dinner resulting in us missing the first 20 minutes of the movie. I have thoughts on the film:


  1. Initially, I rolled my eyes a lot. Everyone seemed to be acting like themselves. Daniel Craig was acting like Daniel Craig, or at least how he acts in every other action film. Judi Dench was acting like Judi Dench – I thought she was particularly bad throughout, though everyone else seems to have thought otherwise. The woman who was sleeping with Bond in that beach shack was acting like an indeterminate sultry woman. Q’s hair was so stylised it reminded me of Meg Ryan. Mallory was acting like V’s boss who I sometimes fantasize about and that is a 50-something Brit man. Only Turner, I think he was called, seemed to be normal and acting so you couldn’t see he was acting.
  2. Then the action shifted to Shanghai and there were some quite beautiful shots of the neon outside on the buildings and playing on the actors faces, particularly effective in IMAX and I thought ah, at least this.
  3. Then Berenice Marlowe made an appearance and I was admiring her extremely dark lipstick when V whispered: “This woman can’t act.” For the record, she was trying to portray extreme fear but V later said he thought she was playing an epileptic. It may be true that she was overacting but she was beautiful so she is excused. I do not feel the same about Naomie Harris though.
  4. I looked up a lot of people’s noses in this film and pondered the colour of their nose hair. I don’t know if I like this extreme realism. There must be a way to do a close-up without this hirsute view of things.
  5. Macau was unrecognisable. I cannot think where they shot that segment.
  6. Everything was worth it once Javier Bardem made an appearance. At last, someone not playing him/herself.
  7. Daniel Craig is very hot and I fully approve of him as James Bond but he looked a tad silly when he was running. Is it because his suit was tight? Or is it that people look like that when they are running very fast? I think not, because I used to do athletics.
  8. This is a film worth watching in IMAX because there are really some beautiful shots, so beautiful that sometimes I wondered whether they shot in front of a backdrop. Surely, real life cannot be that beautiful. I’m speaking particularly of Scotland here.


I know I don’t sound like it but I liked the film. I spoiled everything by fighting with V on the way back though. I think I’m a lot like a baby, I get cranky in the evenings.