6. cook [LIVE]: What was your best recipe/dish of the year? Share it!

Oh dear. This is really not going very well, is it? If the past couple of prompts haven’t been evidence that my life is quite off the beaten path towards wellness, this prompt is the nail in the proverbial…

I don’t cook. When I didn’t have helpers, I attempted some sad little concoctions now and then which never did any good to anybody. There is an immortal video of my trying to make fritters out of leftover bananas and succeeding in using every vessel in our kitchen (admittedly, this was a Hong Kong-sized kitchen) before giving it up as a lost case. Now, I’ve pretty much given up attempting to make my own food, deferring to V to satisfy my speciality cravings.

The last thing I may have cooked was scrambled egg for myself one weekend. It was ugh.

I do, however, make a mean cup of tea. However, even that involves a teabag. So while I do add my own milk and sugar, I’m not sure I can claim any credit for the blend or post a recipe.

This post is not a complete loss, however. I am going to share with you a BIG SECRET. You must promise to hereafter pretend I never told you and never mention it ever again. I am feeling the desire to learn how to cook. I see myself actually getting down and dirty with a cookbook and making the things I want to eat… myself! (As in, making them myself, not eating them myself; I’m already quite adept at the latter.)

What brought on these culinary stirrings? Well, there are things I want to eat which I don’t think my helper can achieve. Her cooking tends to be edible with a few hits. I suck at delegation anyway. V is a great cook but I feel vaguely guilty relying on him to satisfy my needs in this regard, especially when urging him to cook something he is not in the mood to make. He is incredibly nice about this – all he requires in return is high praise – but I dislike this dependence. So yeah. It’s not going to happen anytime soon. And I would like to do it clandestinely so I’m not inundated with well-meaning advice and expectations. But I do have this picture of myself donning an apron… someday.

Now, pretend you never read this.