What were you inspired to create/make this year based on something else? (i.e. a pin from pinterest, recipe from a friend, etc.)

Pregnancy and the time right before it was a fertile time for me. Duh, I know. But I mean creatively. Some women experience a massive nesting instinct during pregnancy, particularly just before giving birth. It has been said that you know that you’re due date is near when you start wanting to clean house.

For me, it was this urge to make something with my hands that gripped me. Awaiting Benji, I took up knitting. I did booties, a hat, and then a sweater that turned out to be a cape. None were particularly attractive or ever worn. Hmph. Pointed hints from V made me abandon knitting, temporarily (my piece de wool still awaits me), and I turned my hands to scrapbooking. It cannot be said that I am extremely talented in this area, either, but from V’s point of view, at least the results could be hidden away in a cupboard and would not adorn our children. From mine, I enjoyed it. It took me back to the days of craft classes, except that I was using my own judgment here and we had all outgrown the days when our artwork needed to be the best.

Last year, I finally attended a scrapbook class where the penny dropped. One was not expected to create a brilliant layout oneself right away, as a newcomer it’s okay to copy. And I, in particular, benefit from a lot of direction. After that class I went back and dressed up some of the pages in Benji’s book using some of the ideas I had gained. For Mimi’s book, I have used an album kit I bought which already has the layouts and instructions on how to stick the various kinds of paper. It’s more assembly than anything but there’s room for journaling and keepsakes.

I remember being in a creative rush when I was pregnant with both Benji and Mimi. I finished Benji’s scrapbook while I was pregnant with Mimi. I also wrote an entire draft of a novel, a very rough one but when I tried to repeat the feat this time, I found can’t. I began to suspect it was the hormones abating because I lost the will to scrapbook too. Only recently I’ve been feeling twinges of the desire to do something, and I’m trying to get back into scrapbooking. I have projects I want to do, memories I want to chronicle and that class gave me ideas I want to execute on my own blank canvas.