What did you do to recharge your batteries in 2012?

I took a couple of minibreaks in the year, to Macao with the kids and our helpers, to India on my own, and then one in a hotel across town with just V. Both were refreshing in their own way.

The holiday with the kids showed me how different holidays are when you have young babies, even with helpers in tow, because everything needs to revolve around their schedule, otherwise you are battling angsty children (at least, this is the case with the babies I’ve been blest with, taking after their mother, I suppose, who also has meltdowns if she’s not well rested or well fed enough). Nevertheless, just getting away from Hong Kong cleared my mind.

The break to India was much-cherished me-time, time to really catch up with friends and family, and to veg out in a way that I hadn’t in a while. I came inexplicably homesick for India.

The in-town hotel minibreak with V was even more refreshing, and I highly recommend it to people with young children. If you can arrange a baby-sitter for your child for just a day and a half, better still a couple of days, this kind of break can really recharge your relationship. At least, it did for me.

I am only just realizing how much headspace having children occupies. And while it is good headspace, other things do get pushed to the corners, and sometimes these other things are your spouse. I didn’t really have faith that this remedy would work but it’s effects have been really good.

That’s not to say that V and I don’t fight. We have other stuff going on in our lives, such as both our workplaces (but particularly V’s) being stressful right now, that puts strains on our home-time, but that time together without competing interests solidified something between us, in a good way.