How can you bring more joy into your life in 2013?
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  1. Restart yoga: By which I mean pranayam. I’m too inflexible to even sit in padmasan. Even if it means  practising at night, though my gut tells me I should be doing this  early morning.
  2. Wake up at 6 am: I have been waking up between 6.30-6.45, often when the kids are already up and I have also been taking my time with my tea (having rediscovered the joys thereof after two pregnancies) and this means I don’t spend as much time with the kids/help the helpers as I should. So if I wake up just a bit before them, I can finish off my own routine before they get up. And do yoga. Ironically, the kids have now started waking up later, due to winter, so I should aim for wake up half an hour before them.
  3. Find and pay for a counsellor: I need to invest in my own head and sanity.
  4. Keep a budget: Though recent conversation with V seems to indicate we are okay financially, unless  one of us doesn’t have a job in which case drastic cuts would have to be made, and we know where those would be and we are capable of them.
  5. Moisturise hands and feet : This sounds silly but I read somewhere that you can tell a person’s age by their hands, and this might be totally vain but mine are beginning to look kind of gnarly. Also, since pregnancy when I couldn’t really bend to get to my feet, I neglected them. And they tell the tale of that neglect.
  6. Exercise: I am surrounded by women who are like beanpoles even after having children. And I won’t put it all down to Chinese genes. They work at it. The thing is, there’s a limit I’m willing to push myself. Both V and I put on weight after the kids because we’d rather spend time with them than go to the gym and once they’re in bed, it’s hard to get off the couch. Yeah, we’re not committed enough. So I’m being realistic and thinking of getting as much walking in to and from work and during lunch hour as I can and see if that helps.
  7. Be more on the ball with kids stuff/Take over more boring kids chores: Because helpers are so efficient, I’ve slacked off on some of the slogwork related to the kids. But now that I feel less tired all the time, I need to do small things.
  8. Drink green tea once a day
  9. Bite tongue more. Count to 10. Be nice.
  10. Go to one scrapbook class
  11. Add photos on this blog
  12. Reduce portion size at dinner. Less chocolate: Tried this last night but unfortunately, meant I couldn’t sleep from hunger (and my portion size wasn’t that small either) which then impacted 2. This is going to be tricky.
  13. Overcome laziness with regard to figuring out technology: I realised that my incompetence in some ways down to laziness because it takes persistence to understand new technology and I should be at least giving it a go myself first before taking a shortcut and asking V. Even if it means writing down instructions on how to do said task.


14. Keep tabs on bank accounts: And close useless HSBC one. I’ve been doing ok at this but tend to slack off so this is a reminder to me to read those boring numbers because they are our daily bread. Amen.


13. Brush teeth at night (Gross I know, but it goes back to me having tons of cavities while keeping up really good dental hygiene and therefore decided there was no point. Plus, brushing makes me feel fresh and that’s not what I want to feel at bedtime. Hmmm how to get around this?)

14.  Knit socks for self. (I like to knit. But I am not good at it – one the rare things I am not good at that I like to do. Then, I saw this pinterest post and I realised that while sweaters might be beyond me, socks should be easy peasy. Also, Benji is totally wearing the hat I knit for him when he was a newborn, but turned out to be the size of an adult’s head. This is the only hat he wears because it’s not snug. So yay for incompetent knitting!).