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What made you feel powerful in 2012?
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 Thinking back to the start of the year, when Mimi had just been born, some of times I felt most empowered were during the darkest days of the first three months. Particularly when a day after we had been discharged from hospital, a check-up revealed Mimi had high jaundice levels and had to go back to hospital for blue light treatment.

I had to stay with her, sleeping on a fold-up round-the-clock, which was no joke for someone who had just had a c-sec. Apart from one night-time stretch when I panicked, trying to calm a wailing Mimi and change her diaper in that incubator thingie, I was surprised at how well I managed the feeding, sleeping, staggering to gross common toilet, making calls to V from corner of said toilet (the only place I got phone reception), etc. I would never have thought myself capable of camping out on a fold-out bed, and leaping to the demands of a newborn with a huge cut in my stomach but I rose to the occasion (literally).

And later, during one dreadful night when V was away on work, and I got food poisoning, Benji dropped the iPad on his foot and it turned blue, and I had to keep waking to feed Mimi and I managed to do all this and live to host a visiting friend the next day, I knew I had depths of strength I hadn’t imagined. More recently, during another bad night when Mimi was really ill and I slept with her cuddled in the crook of my arm, getting a couple of hours sleep, before heading to work, I knew I still had it in me.

I’m not one of those people that believes that one should welcome misfortune because it makes you stronger. Bad times suck. But I was proud of how I handled those physically and emotionally exhausting days and they taught me that I was stronger than I thought.