Among the things I have become picky about in my dotage are, as I’ve mentioned before, movies* I watch, and now apparently, the clothes movie stars wear to red carpet events. In the past, I was fairly pleased with most of them and found a lot to like. Now, I find most of them ho hum.

A case in point is the Oscars. The only dress that really wowed me was this one:


The others I liked were also all mostly white:



The only exception:

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Who was your best dressed at the Oscars?

*Resulting in me choosing not to watch Argo and Lincoln, because I have cannot bear the kind of American propaganda that seems to be intrinsic to films of this kind, though I guess I will be watching them now. Also, on the subject of Oscar-winning films, strikes me as a little weird that Argo won Best Picture but Ben Afleck was not even nominated for best director.