cold feet

I am the only person I have heard of who liked eM’s first book You Are Here. Not only did I like it, I’ve reread it. The looseness of the structure, the whimsy, the pointlessness, I liked. Did I think it was high literature? No. But I thought it was well-written, with characters and impressions that stayed with me.

So I made it a point to get Cold Feet, her latest offering. And surprise! I liked it. Its structure was more conventional, switching between the stories of different women. Each of those women was interesting. I got the feeling eM schizophrenically bled aspects of her own personality into each of them, but that takes skill too. The result was people who while initially might strike one as a “type” end up being much more crossover.

MinCat mentioned that she found it hard to distinguish between a couple of them, and I had that problem too. I had to keep reminding myself which was which. Maybe there should have been less of them. But people bleed into each other in real life too, so maybe that’s okay.

There’s no earth-shattering plot but if you’re the kind of person that finds people interesting (which you probably are, if you’re reading this blog), then you might find yourself, like me, sort of hooked in order to know how each individual story ends.

When I read You are Here, it made me want to write. It gave me hope that the kind of stories I want to tell might be acceptable to be told. It gave me a sense of how they could be structured and voiced. And this one did too. Don’t know if that feeling will last.