These days many people are concerned about their health, the environment, wellness, yada yada. It’s all good. Except when it begins to take on a  proselytising tenor. Then it becomes like religion. I will call this new type of person (newly classified by me, that is) that gets on my nerves the Earth-loving Holistic Health Fanatic (Ehhf).

What are their characteristics?

  1. The moderates in the Ehhf cult are vegetarians. They subtly raise how eating meat is unhealthy/cruel/evil. Their more extreme comrades push something more akin to vegan tenets – milk is evil, soy is good, fruits that dropped from trees without being plucked are best. Organic is, of course, good. There is no thought to how elitist and possibly impractical organic food or waiting for the apple to drop is on a global scale.
  2. They are non-violent. This is good. Their non-violence extends to rueing how they were torn about killing a mosquito. Um. I don’t exactly cherish killing mosquitoes myself. We could, of course, compassionately ignore mosquitoes and see what happens. More likely someone else will do the dirty work so that we don’t have a malaria epidemic on our hands. A lot of their behaviour seems to be about focussing on the individual, which is good, but without considering the larger implications if everybody adopted their lifestyle.
  3. They are positive thinkers. Most of the ills of the word are because people don’t think positively enough. Cancer is the catch-all symptom of this lack of positivity. If only we thought happy thoughts, cancer would not exist. I find this line of reasoning offensive. It relegates all those with cancer to bitter, stressed-out souls who only need to attain zen. Unfortunately, I know some very people, much more optimistic and cheery than yours truly, who got cancer.
  4. They are anti-fat. The rationale is, of course, being fat is unhealthy. But is it? This post and this series have made me question my beliefs on fat. Worse I have noticed that Ehhfs who strive hard to be healthy and non-fat don’t have very healthy attitudes to people who are fat. There is outright distaste that surfaces in moments that are fleeting but ugly.
  5. If they are mothers, they are breastfeeders. Obsessively. At any cost. And because they did it, it must be worth it, right? Usually they don’t outright come out against formula, they just sympathetically understand.
  6. They go on and on. Almost everything comes around to this holisit-ism.
  7. They are intelligent or used to be just as they used to possess a critical faculty. But now, they will link up to any unsubstantiated badly written thing that pushes their agenda.

Bah. Makes one want to seek solace in a bag of sodium-saturated, mass-produced, meat-flavoured crisps.