1. I am beginning to suspect the boss of the office down the corridor is stalking me. Yesterday, as I was heading to the loo across a glass enclosure, I noticed her standing in the corridor talking to someone and looking my way. Then, just as I stepped into to loo, I saw her enter too. Okay, sound innocuous enough, but this has happened many times and always, I have to engage in inappropriate gossip about our office with her as we rinse our hands after our respective pees. Therefore, I found myself wavering between speed peeing and rushing off without washing my hands (anathema in Hong Kong!) and delaying my exit from the cube hoping she would give up and leave. I sensed she was going through the same dilemma two cubes down, except her intention was to catch me. I am fully aware I sound paranoid here. Anyway, if the suspense is killing you,  I opted for the latter ploy and emerged to an empty washing area, where I washed at high speed on the off chance that she was still lurking there and exited without encountering her. Sweet victory, but for how long. I’m sure this happens to everyone, right? Right?
  2. Also, have you ever walked into the pantry, saw someone there, usually your own boss or her boss who are very sweet people, and done an about turn and walked away because you don’t want to engage in polite chatter. You have right? 
  3. And on commutes, my current pet peeve are the type who urgently set foot in the train – with a crowd of people behind them – and once safely in the compartment, slow down, start looking around for the optimum place to stand, sometimes decided to stand RIGHT THERE, ALL THE WHILE WITH PEOPLE CLAMOURING TO GET A TOE IN BEHIND THEM! Which princess planet did they fall to Earth from? Probably the same planet as some of the people who can’t do a thing, I suppose, and by my own logic, I should be all understanding and give them time to adjust to the environment. EXCEPT WHAT NEW ENVIRONMENT? They are Honkies only, believe me I can tell foreigner from local, and maybe one or two had never set foot in the MTR before, but I’d wager the vast majority are just suffering from the general me-me-me disease. Ugh.