I fail to understand: Why ladies at checkout counters and security guards at doors can’t have stools to sit on while working. Why make people stand endlessly? I hate standing – I’d rather walk a mile than stand 10 minutes – and I’d imagine even people who don’t hate standing as much as I do, feel exhausted from the unnecessary uprightness. So what gives? I cringe everytime I see these people and the unnecessary standing they have to do.

I can no longer bear: Uncomfortable shoes. Worse than heels are uncomfortable flats. What is with that? The whole point of flats is that they should be comfortable. In my inability to get a pedicure or even paint own nails and wait for them to dry due to children a weird turn of events, I find myself gravitating towards away closed shoes and inevitable shoebites. However, I am unable to bear shoes that hurt my feet. Therefore, I now own more than five pairs of ballet flats/black low-heeled closed-toe shoes which I have discarded after wearing once. Once I found a pair that was as comfortable as butter, and I went and bought another of the same only that one turned out to give me blisters! I feel like the heavens are telling me to give up on this and just go back to sandals/strappy low-heeled shoes once winter is over (if it ever ends) and boots in the interim but every time I see black flats in a shop, hope springs anew.

I have discovered: A more pronounced shade of red lipstick that makes my facial features more defined. Or at least draws my own eye away from the fatness at the jowls that seems to have re-emerged.

I suspect: That the universe is just in a fug these days. The number of people who are going through job-related stress is weird. As also the number of bad illnees-related news. And also my general feeling that I’m walking through a cloud. I would love to blame this on PMS, only it appears to be of universal scale and happening to everyone at the same time.

Can be miraculous sometimes: After pretty much giving up on it due to V’s work travel schedule, the heavens conspired to enable me to go to Sri Lanka for a friend’s wedding which more importantly my entire gang of girlfriends from college minus one is reuniting for. We are literally converging on the island nation from all over the world, leaving behind babies, doggies, bad-tempered bosses and a husband with a broken knee (not mine, someone else’s). It’s going to be epic.