I had this great urge to watch the latest instalment of Star Trek this weekend, and so we did. Scattered thoughts:

  1. Of course, it was 3D. I thought that 3D might be well deployed in this film, but really, it might have been better in IMAX. I was snappishly told by a friend that 3D is supposed to be about greater depth rather than just flying objects, but I don’t really perceive this difference. Do you find the use of 3D effective?
  2. All the men in the film, except Spock, had small noses. It made them all, including Sulu, look like siblings. I thought Sulu was probably the hottest thing in the film, especially when he was sitting in the captain’s chair.
  3. Scotty was my next favourite character.
  4. There are the odd non-human species on the Enterprise but they are few and far between. Kind of like minorities in non sci-fi films. In that sense, Star Trek isn’t that futuristic after all.
  5. All the women (i.e. two) conformed to the most regressive stereotypes. JJ Abrams has already taken flak for the gratuitous scene in which Alice Eve is stripped down to her underwear, but I also thought Zoe Saldanha was stereotypically feminine – picking a fight with Spock during a mission, tearing up, etc.
  6. The bromance between Spock and Kirk would have been touching, except I found myself unmoved during the crucial scene, especially since he had earlier explained how he chooses not to feel, blah blah.
  7. Everyone kept going on about Benedict Cumberbatch but he does nothing for me. In fact, his hair in the second half of the film was ridiculous, like Salman Khan in his longish-greasy-hair phase.
  8. Although I sound like I didn’t like the film, I actually enjoyed it. It’s pacey if you are willing to suspend disbelief a lot and go with the clichés and the obviousness that everything will turn out right in the end. V loudly whispered that it’s like a Tamil film and I whispered back that then he must be enjoying it thoroughly.
  9. The futuristic depiction of cities on Earth was pretty cool, though the skyscrapers look like Hong Kong right now. I like the futuristic hospital best.

Did you watch the film? Liked it? Are you a Trekkie (I’m not.)