I had sworn off shopping for a while but V’s friend was in town and we had lunch in Causeway Bay and for once I had time and a supporter for the activity so shopping it was though disappointingly we got stuck in one mall (Times Square of all places) where we sunk a good some of money and emerged with guilty faces. i.e. V’s  friend and I experienced guilt pangs if not outright buyer’s remorse. V escaped unmoved if not unscathed (thanks to me) by the lure of the good life in the form of consumerism.

The result of that foray was this pair of boots, which I urgently needed. What? I did! Winter is almost upon us and the last couple of years owing to pregnancy, I had compromised and bought cheap boots which though comfortable had not even lasted out the three months of the very cold season. And considering that when I did buy more well-heeled boots, they lasted for years on end, I decided to take the plunge, albeit at horrible inflationary rate.

I fully intend to use this pair for ages and ages so help me gods of shopping. And I am grateful for… the ability to buy such things, despite the guilt pangs and the disapproval of my husband.

PS: The other pair of shoes are the compromise M&S heels I bought some time ago after much back and forth (they are very comfortable if not up to my aesthetic standard) and the pair of Zara slip-ons that have proved unusable.