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Some people find beauty in the countryside, in lush pastures and idyllic villages. I find these picturesque too. For a week or so. I couldn’t live there.

I need the buzz of the big city. I find a towering skyline as breathtaking as a green mountain. Luckily in Hong Kong, I have both and the ocean thrown in for good measure. Once a friend said: “Hong Kong isn’t beautiful” and I snapped back: “Yes, it is.” I was quite surprised that anyone could not find Hong Kong beautiful until I realised that for some people beauty can only be untouched nature or historic facades. I on the other hand am more than ok with the unvirgin and the new.

Living here makes me feel alive. I no longer live in the thick of it, but the happenings are just a short ride away. Anytime I feel down, I can throw myself into the thick of it and even if the tinges of loneliness begin to set in, I am distracted, there are things to see, people to look at, something is going on.

Maybe my inability to detach from the crazy makes me a less evolved person. So be it. No matter how I’ve mellowed, I’m going to need a shot of the big life every now and then.

Every now and then, I catch a glimpse of the famous skyline and thank my stars that I have the opportunity to live here.