A long time ago my mum had a dress in the material the coatie (shrug? nopes, it’s a coatie and I must live with that) I’m wearing is made of and then when she could no longer fit into the dress, she cut it up and made this, which one day a few years ago I unearthed from a plastic bag in her cupboard and claimed for myself. And then brought to Hong Kong and forgot all about.

And then a few days ago, Mimi unearthed it from the back of my underwear drawer and I said, yes, by hook or by crook I’m going to wear this today and I was quite pleased with the result (but not this photo, which accentuates all manner of unsightly bulges that I may or may not posses. I will have you know that I do not possess a third nipple despite what this photo seems to show).

I love new things but I also love old things. I probably love old things more than new things and I particularly love old things that have travelled through time in my family and even better been handmade by a member of my family. Like this coatie which reminds me of my mum in that dress, young and slim and with the most brilliant smile in the world, a smile to launch a thousand ships or two daughters off into the world with the confidence that that smile would never dim for them.