I’ve always been a bit off track when it comes to music choices. First of all, I’m stuck in the 80s and thereabouts period. Occasionally, I’ll really like a contemporary song but usually it has an 80s or 90s vibe.

Then I have a problem sourcing music. I am too cheap to pay, and V keeps telling me we have a huge database of music, except it’ so huge I cannot really find what I want on it, never mind actually going through the process of downloading it off the Internet myself. And then, I have a problem using iTunes, which was the big reason I switched to Samsung, but unfortunately I dislike more things about the S3 though downloading stuff onto it was a breeze, so now I’m back with iTunes.

A couple of days ago, I had a huge craving for the kind of music my cousin Pri and I used to listen to when I lived in Hyderabad with her. We had pretty much the same taste in music, which leaned towards peppy love songs. Pri was a pro at Limewire and the like and she would download and burn these awesome compilation CDs. I realised I had brought some of these CDs with me to Hong Kong and then forgotten about them, because CDs.

So the next morning I eagerly dug around the drawer until I found one CD (alas there seemed to be only one) and I loaded the songs onto the computer and V was impressed enough by the initiative I took to load them onto my phone for me and I’ve been listening to them ever since. I’m grateful for my cousin Pri who coincidently just whatsapped me that day too. We had kind of drifted due to life and babies, but yeah we had some good times and hopefully we’ll one day be in the same place and have coffee at Kamats together like before and then go home and moon around and talk about our crushes while Wilson Philips croons in the background.

The screenshot is not of those songs ironically but of the songs V earlier loaded for me because the screenshot of the songs I’m currently listening to was very boring.

Prize among them is I’m Alive by Celine Dion, the soundtrack of my life when I was 23.