Misfit dug up and linked to an old post called Favourite Things. I went through it and realised some of my favourite things have changed. For this post, I thought I’d write about my comfort routine, the things I do when I’m feeling low to make me feel better, some of which overlaps with my favourite things.

  1. Curling up on the couch with blanket and cushions
  2. Chick flick on the video (I have a CD collection of these, some unusable as the kids use them as toys).
  3. Chick lit or Vogue magazine (staples to be reread include Bridget Jones’s Diary, Bergdof Blondes, The Zoya Factor, etc)
  4. Packet of chips, preferably Hot Chips from Bangalore, or the salty chips from Hearsch Bakery in Bandra or the long spicy banana chips from Mangalore Stores in Bandra. Failing that any spicy chips. I can inhale these so they should not be in the house except during emergencies.
  5. Chocolate
  6. Chicken noodles/soup noodles, with a dash of chilli oil (for days when I have my period)
  7. Face pack (because my face is like an oil well after the chips and sugar)

Other comfort foods: pizza, idlis from Udipi restaurants, chicken 65 (note none are homecooked .)

Optional comfort items: ciggies, whiskey (in that order)

Updated favourite things (in no apparent order except for the first and second one):
1) Cocker spaniels, especially Zo
2) V in a suit, looking like an overgrown six-year-old who knows he’s hot.
3) Bubble baths (The availability of a bathtub at home has made this one not so exciting)
4) Lemon ice tea
5) Dark Milk chocolate
6) Chocolate mint icecream
7) The spa thing – Facials, pedicures, massages (manicures are overrated though)
8) America’s Next Top Model/ Project RunwayThe Apprentice (I have to be obsessed with one TV serial and right now it’s this)
9) Chick Lit and slutty fiction from the early 90s (80s?) such as Judith Krantz and Jilly Cooper
10) My Blankie (which is still in Bombay for some reason)
11) Vogue magazine
12) Filter coffee (unavailable in Hong Kong, best available in Kamats)
13) 80s music
14) Crisp autumn days in the park with the kids Rainy days when you’re indoors on the couch with a 1) 2) 5) and 9) – sadly unachievable because 1) is in Bombay and 2) in Hong Kong
15) Bright red polish on my toes
16) Hot chips
17) Pizza
18) Libraries
19) Art museums
20) Classical music concerts