1. Wake up between 6.30 am and 7 am to noise from the children
  2. Check my phone for a couple of minutes. Terrible, I know, but I am a grumpy riser (8 am would be a good starting time for me) and this helps me transition into morning.
  3. Stagger out of bedroom and avail myself of tea to wake up.
  4. Play with whichever kid is awake while eating breakfast.
  5. I am to hit the shower by 7.50 am, but I’m normally late due to whining from Benji who finally faces the fact that he has to get ready for school, which he still dislikes.
  6. Aim to leave the house by 8.20 am, but usually late
  7. Take the MTR to work, reading for about half an hour.
  8. Plug in earphones and walk 10 minutes from the MTR to the office.
  9. Check email (both office and personal) and all manner of websites before getting down to work.
  10. Walk to a nearby mall for lunch. Normally alone, so read while eating, which suits me just fine.
  11. Leave work at 6 pm and repeat the morning’s routine backward
  12. Get home at 7 pm, eat dinner. The kids normally arrive from playing downstairs 10 minutes after I arrive.
  13. Watch the news at 7.30 while feeding or playing with the kids
  14. Start reading to the kids around 8.30 pm. Now Mimi is part of the routine too, though she has an annoying habit of changing her mind about which book halfway through and the books she likes, Benji has sort of outgrown.
  15. Kids head to bed around 9 pm. V and I veg out on the couch for 10 minutes and head to bed ourselves.
  16. 10 pm: Crash out

Lately, I’ve been feeling that I am too tired and don’t get enough time with the kids. If I actually get into a PhD programme, I hope to have a little more flexibility to do that, though I know it’s going to be hard work yada yada. Nevertheless, my routine is better than many others’. There is a striking lack of chores involved, which is a huge luxury. So I’m grateful for that.