Making resolutions seem to be a dying tradition, but I find them a useful one. And I refuse to call them by any other name. The good thing about the search function on the blog is that I can call up my past resolutions and hold myself accountable. So how have I done?


  1. Be a nice person in society: I’ve become pretty good at this. I make eye contact, smile, reach out to help, etc. Yay me!
  2. Stop playing tit-for-tat in my marriage and go back to being the nice one: 50% on this one. I think I’ve stopped playing tit-for-tat but I had to play hardball and learn to stick to my guns and not feel guilty. This works for me.
  3. Going to church more often: Nopes. In fact, I’m given up on religion. The cons outweigh the pros for me and more and more, religion sounds absurd to me. I’m better of believing in Harry Potter. I recently told V that if he wanted the kids to follow a religion, he’d have to do the needful. He’s convinced one can get away with doing the bare minimum in this regard, so I told him to feel free, I will contribute only in informal storytelling. I still think the Bible stories have value and the occasional Mass but not much more.
  4. Not procrastinating: I’ve improved in this regard. Mainly because I downloaded this template for making lists and use these to tick things off when life gets crazy. I’m probably better at getting things done with life gets crazy actually.


  1. Restart yoga: Didn’t happen. Instead I made peace with waking up later.
  2. Wake up at 6 am: See above.
  3. Find and pay for a counsellor: Saw three different counsellors. Was pretty much told my problems cannot be solved without V along. V refuses. Gave up on the idea of counselling. I might still get one if I feel I personally need support, but not specifically for marriage related things.
  4. Keep a budget: Downloaded an app called Wally. Not sure it’s much use, but I’m inputting more or less regularly.
  5. Moisturise hands and feet: Yes! Helps to keep a tube of hand cream at my desk.
  6. Exercise: 50-50 on this one. I did walk to and from work and during lunch as much as possible. But I’ve made peace with my weight and my lack of more exercise. It’s on the to-do list for when the kids are older, or when I don’t work 9-5.
  7. Take over more kids chores: Nopes. Made improvements on playing more with the kids, but leaving chores to the helpers, unless I really need to step in. With Benji going to school halfday they have more time, and also get to nap in the afternoon which I don’t.
  8. Drink green tea once a day: Nope. Must try next year.
  9. Bite tongue more. Count to 10. Be nice: EPIC FAIL.
  10. Go to one scrapbook class: Nope. No time. Okay with that, kinda. Did crafts with the kids though.
  11. Add photos to this blog: Yes. I did, right?
  12. Reduce portion size at dinner, less chocolate: Since I gave up on my weight, this was a non-starter. I do try to reduce chocolate, but have a little every day. Need the endorphins.
  13. Overcome laziness with regard to figuring out technology: Not sure. Didn’t come up that much. But I did figure out how to operate my bank account online. So I get points for that.
  14. Brush teeth at night (optional): Never did. I brushed the kids’ teeth though. Does that count?
  15. Knit socks for self: Same as 10. No time.

And now for 2014

I have just one resolution: Shout less.

This connects to 9. Shouting (at V primarily) serves the purpose of getting his attention (because contrary to what he says, talking calmly doesn’t) and also helps vent frustration. However, it’s not good for the kids and not who I want to be. So I need to practice not shouting, remaining calm, breathing.

That’s it for 2014.