This book opens on a heartbreaking note. I don’t know if it ever goes on to the staggering genius of its title, though it is definitely well-written, and clever at many points. It is essentially a memoir (with many creative liberties) about a youngster in his late teens raising his eight-year-old brother. Although Dave is an unconventional parent, there are many aspects of his parenting that made me smile in their universality, such as the rise and fall of his emotions as he watches his brother struggle with baseball. So other people feel like this too, I thought.


I wasn’t especially taken with this one. I can appreciate the writing, especially the descriptions of places of abode, but the characters and their concerns didn’t seem particularly illuminating, which was probably the point. All of them seemed to be the emperor sans clothes of the title. The moving portion of the book is its finale which hinges on 9/11. The event is a turning point for the characters and brings out the best in them, and in the writing.

These books were on this list that I’m reading my way through.