Mimi the selfie queen.

Mimi turned one. And now she’s almost two. She’s come so far, only a little baby left in her now. Le sigh.


The kids running riot at home in Mumbai

A terrible (for me) trip to India with the kids. However, they did get to spend time with family, most of all my 99-year-old grandma. I am so grateful they got to meet her when she could interact with them coherently. Shortly after our trip, she went into steep decline.


A very memorable taxi ride to our hotel

The perfect antidote to the awful India trip was the awesome girlie reunion in Sri Lanka. Oh how we laughed!

My sister, brother-in-law and the Sibear visited Hong Kong. The cousins bonded.


Only one of those flags applies to me

I became a permanent resident of Hong Kong.


We did a family getaway to Lantau island. I still dream of that short break, and I love that my dream destination is just an hour away.

Benji started kindergarten. Then he turned three. I planned my first kiddie party. It was fun.

I applied to PhD programmes. This did not feel like a good thing because it was the source of huge stress for half a year, but it will be a good thing IF IT HAPPENS. Oh dear, the hope is killing me.

I got the idea of this post from here, wrote it and then deleted it by mistake. Then R’s Mom did her post and inspired me to rewrite mine.

Happy New Year everyone!