I started 2014 at almost exactly the same place that I did 2013. A friend kindly threw a party at home again, which is becoming something of a tradition now, and gives us something to do without getting into the crazy. Because a choice between the crazy and doing nothing would result in the latter winning.

In fact, this year, for the first time ever, I was very tempted to stay in and go the fuck to sleep. I was sleepier than I can ever recall feeling on New Year’s Eve. Hell, I started feeling sleepy after lunch and it never quite went away. The fact that our office didn’t let us go early, so that I got home at 7 pm, played with the kids, and had to get ready and off at 8.30 pm didn’t help. I was nodding on the couch at 7.30 pm with Benji screaming “wake up mummy!” into my ear and Mimi going “poke eyes!” and “kiss kiss” alternately. Then V had a meltdown because he couldn’t find his socks, and I struggled to not panic that this spelled the end of our Week of Bliss (it didn’t).

Finally, we landed up at the friend’s place and I immediately felt like I didn’t want to talk to anyone. Honestly, people say the most inane things (such as “everyone in Hong Kong owns more than one house”. Um, hello, do you not read the news or talk to anyone who does not live on Hong Kong island?). It did not help that my eyeballs were hurting from need to sleep. I was literally nodding off during conversations.

But I persisted in being social and eventually there were interludes of amusement. There were some good laughs. I discovered I liked someone who I thought I didn’t. In between, I had a couple of drags of the most yummy ciggie (Malboro Silver for the record). And one quite senior journo-type who must be in his 60s went around getting everyone to take selfies which I thought was adorable.

I kept willing it to be midnight already so we could leave, because every lull in the conversation brought back how sleepy I was. Finally, at 1.30-ish, we departed, the first to. Because I was so disoriented, I agreed to take a cab and the MTR instead of a cab all the way, and then grumbled till we got home. The MTR was packed like it was peak hours and it was quite amusing to see the drunk kids, especially the Chinese ones, because it’s quite rare to see Chinese kids drunk.

Finally, I met my bed and embraced it like a long lost lover. And then slept through the kids’ noise in the morning to rise at a blissful 9 am. V was up and about at 7 am, the weirdo. We all traipsed to Ikea and had a nice brunch while the kids played. And then we embarked on a massive clean-up of the house, which was fun for all concerned because V got to be busy and throw out stuff, I got to indulge my fetish for organising, and the kids got to play with all the odds and ends.

My ambition for the next two days is to:

  1. Wipe down my desk, preferably with antibacterial wipes. And to stock up on wipes for future use.
  2. Acquire a pretty desktop calendar, even if it means paying for it.