Mimi turned two last week. Oh how she’s grown. And now that I’ve figured I love the 15 months to 30 months agegroup best, I’m treasuring these days.

1. This is the age at which language is developing. She still says things like “lub you” and “nimoov these shoes” and “I wannit this one” but she also says a very adult “okaaay” and some grammatically correct sentences which I know will soon be more and more frequent.

2. She is fearless in the sense that she’ll rush into dark rooms, pet large dogs, etc. but she’s scared of some odd things like a particular lizard cartoon and then she’ll cling in the most adorable way.

3. She has a full head of curls which she hates to have combed. Luckily, they’re the best kind of curls, silky and easy to maintain but I still have to keep her hair short because she refuses to have it tied up. She also has a fringe which I’m jealous of. I always want/ed a fringe but I look ridiculous with one.

4.Speaking of curls, she has the personality of Amelia Jane/ the naughtiest girl at school. Nothing delights her more than making mischief. And woe betide you try to curb her will. She throws herself backwards and wails. I must admit she is a brat. These days we’re still going with the distraction approach, though on occasion we’ve let her cry it out. This has never really worked well though. Neither has the odd smack on her palm or bum. She just doesn’t make the connection between a smack and her sin,  so that’s not a route we’re going down either. She seems to be mellowing with age, so we plan to just work with her slowly.

5. Finally, I’ve made a reader of her. She brings books and asks me to read. She can still be annoying to read to because she skips pages. But she definitely loves books, sometimes sits with them on her and doesn’t tear them. I’m delighted.

6. These days she wants to choose her own clothes. I never particularly wanted planned to offer choices to my kids this early, and was always quite bemused by parents who seemed to do that, but I have read that toddlers like the illusion of choice. Benji has been an amenable kid so I never was proactive in offering choices, but Mimi has decided on her own that she wants to choose. So if you pick something, she will object to it shouting ”not this one!” and basically she wants to rumage in her drawer and select something herself. Once we figured it out it adds a couple of minutes to her dress-time (also she likes to run about naked for a bit) but it’s not too hard to manipulate her choices or even go with them.

We halfheartedly kept discussing what to do for her birthday. I floated the idea of Disneyland but I wanted to stay over this time, and that would be expensive. In the end, we did the same thing we did for Benji on his second birthday: we went to an indoor playground. It was tremendous fun and because we found one close to where we live we could take the kids back in the evening after their nap.

At teatime, we cut a cake shaped like a Hello Kitty. It was a cheap buy from the local bakery and frankly I wasn’t thrilled with the taste but Mimi loved it. There was a meltdown on our way back with the cake because Mimi wanted to carry the box herself.