There, I said it. I impulsively chopped off my wavy locks last year, and while I loved the look for about a month, it surprised me by how fast it turned unkempt and in need of a trim. Wasn’t short hair supposed to be easier to maintain? Apparently no. Suddenly I realised the husband spends more on haircuts than I do, even though he tries to find the cheapest deal.

I remember running into a girl from the next office just after I had gone super short and she mentioned that she had had the same style years ago and warned me that it took ages to grow out and required frequent trimming. To which I airily replied: “Oh my hair usually grows out very fast.”

This is an idea I acquired from my last full-on tryst with the scissors when I was 23. I remember Curly touching my hair in shock and then going: “Oh, but you always have sweet growing out hair, so no problem!” And it was true. I don’t really remember the painful grow-out days because there weren’t any, or many.

This time, however.

It’s been more than seven months and my hair is still short and a mess to boot. In between, I have done the odd trim at the back at home, and finally in December I caved and went in to the salon and got it shaped. It looked ever so much better, except now it’s back to being all peaks and points and gahhhhh.

Let this be a reminder to never again.

And while we’re on the subject, this.