This week Facebook celebrated it’s 10th birthday. Happy Happy Facebook.

I love you because:

  1. You are good timepass.
  2. I can share photos of kids with entire family via you without typing in email addresses (once I got over my apprehensions about privacy and a hang of privacy settings) and I don’t have to worry about missing anyone out, because if they’re not on Facebook it’s their fault. Only my grandma who is turning 100 is excused and she has my mum to show her photos. Yes, my mum is on Facebook, mainly to see photos. Even my MIL is on FB. I have not friended her though, because I’m pretending to be confused about whether it’s really her. See, Facebook is not that different from real  life.
  3. I read links and can link to interesting things that my Friends share. This is what I enjoy most on Facebook. Sure, there’s Twitter but one can have a proper discussion in Facebook comments. However, FB etiquette deems that if it’s not your page, you gracefully withdraw from the argument after a couple of comments, after passive-aggressively liking the comment of whoever’s page it is. Just like on blogs. Hint hint.
  4. Allowing me to stalk my exes and feel good about myself. While there are plenty of people who look better, are more successful and seem to live better lives than me, there are plenty who are not also. For once, I see myself in the haves category.

Facebook created very inept personalized videos of everyone’s Facebook experience, quite missing the high points of many people’s lives, but nevermind, the thought was sweet. Everyone sharing their videos was not though. But ‘scroll down’ must ever be our mantra in these things.

Mark Zuckerburg wrote a touching letter about how he had wanted to connect the world all along. Hello, rating your fellow students does not amount to connecting. Facebook’s main aim is gossip, plain and simple. But thanks for packaging it as ‘connecting’. Just last week I was saying the same to V when he accused me of gossiping with my mum. “Stop demeaning women’s conversations,” I shouted, and I meant it. Now it seems gossiping is a unisex pursuit, but the fact that it’s branded in blue colour means it’s aboveboard. Good then.

I almost forgot what I wanted to write about. Oh yeah, how Facebook is becoming ‘fun’ for me again. So, after the initial joy of being able to conduct unbridled snooping had faded (but not disappeared), and after people stopped posting smartass status messages or I stopped finding them funny and posting them myself, and after the initial enthu for linking had faded (boo! Come back linkers, I love ya!), I have discovered content via pages like I Fucking Love Science, Empty and Meaningless, Humans of New York, etc as well as publications like Time Out and SCMP. And Facebook is full again.