So I’d been going back and forth about taking on this challenge and finally on Valentine’s Day I decided to just do it. I decided it would be good for me to pin down, savour and preserve some of the ethereal every day happiness that I encounter on a regular basis and then maybe to make a scrapbook with the photos. So here goes:

Day 1: 14 Feb


First thing in the morning, a colleague came around with these heart-shaped chocolates and wished us Happy Valentine’s Day. They were leftovers from a media sessions but receiving them on that day made everyone smile. The best thing about my office is the people and the thoughtful little things they do.

Also, although Valentine’s Day is supposed to or has become a romantic holiday, I think it could be widened into a more inclusive celebration of the many facets of love. On the subject, I like this post by Dawnie Michelle.

Day 2: 15 Feb


Although V and I have never been big on Valentine’s Day (our anniversary is a more romantic day for us), we had an unplanned dinner a deux on Saturday because a friend dropped out. I let V pick the place and he picked a Sichuan hotpot joint near where we live. The good thing about hotpot was that it slowed down our usual gobble and go routine. We had an interesting conversation about how we perceived each other and we were both heartened to have come up with fairly accurate descriptions of the other. And the food was delicious too, though we did pay that super spice in the toilet the next day.

Day 3: 16 Feb


The weather has been crazy cold this past week and so while I originally intended to take the kids to cheer the Hong Kong Marathon runners, that plan was abandoned when it started to rain. Instead, we went to this Japanese arcade game place in a nearby mall, which is always super fun. There are loads of fairground type games, only indoors. It’s cheap to play, but the kids just enjoy banging on the games or watching as well. I took this photograph after another ride had swallowed up my money without starting and then swallowed it again when V tried. I was annoyed, but let the kids try another ride and the look of delight on their faces when Thomas started moving along the track erased the grouchiness I had just been feeling. Then V and I played a game of air hockey which was sooo much fun. We totally ignored the kids who were screaming on the sidelines “Let me play!” and just went for it. Yeah #badparents but whatevs.