I’m sure some of you are sick of reading these happy posts, but I was sick this week and didn’t post anything else, so some happy is better than no rant, right? Ok, here goes:

Day 9: Feb 22



Met friends for dinner at La Piola, a restaurant specialising in cuisine from the Piedmont region of Italy, which I heard about when someone commented on this post asking me about it when planning her trip to Hong Kong. I’ve been wanting to try it for ages, and finally, despite friends hemming and hawing because I couldn’t remember the names or details when suggesting it, we landed up here. The ambience pleased the friends who are on the chi chi side. I can’t say I was disappointed either, except that I got well and truly lost on the way there which has not happened to me for a long time, and to make matters worst V was with me and had told me to lead the way, and then was following me around with exaggerated patience but refusing to help. Anyway, after grumbling about friend asking for directions there, I had to call her and ask for directions which should teach me not to be such a bitch next time.

I have realised that possibly with Italian, I’m a bit like a lot of people are with Chinese food. They looove it, until they realise that it’s not exactly the dishes they were used to. Thus, even authentic Chinese food is great as long as its the mainstream favourites but if you get into regional dishes, then results vary. Same with Italian. This is the second time I’ve tasted Italian that is supposed to be very authentic and from specialised region and realised I don’t love it. The appetisers are generally great though.

My main was I chocolate tagliatelle with wild pork and while it fortunately did not taste of chocolate, I realised that if V had made it had home I would have grumbled and added chiu chow chilli oil. It was only the ambience that saved it. Then, I ordered tiramisu, a staple favourite, and I was happy.

Why was this a happy moment? Because we had a fun evening and it’s always nice to eat in a nice environment.

Day 10: Feb 23


So during the dinner we’d been talking about how I am perennially tired and sleepy because I wake up so many times in the night to pee and friend suggested I drink no water one hour before sleeping, but that night was not a good night to institute it because I had drunk so much wine which naturally makes you want to pee. But by the end of Monday I realised that my pee frequency was really weird and so decided to see a doc (who decided I had an infection and prescribed antibiotics). This was the message V sent me when I told him I was at the doc. Made me giggle.

Day 11: Feb 24


The next day I got my period, and combined with the heavy antibiotics and UTI, I decided it was worthy of a day off. I was better by evening so decided to do a facial because lying on their electrically warmed bed and being massaged always makes me feel better. And it did, bliss!

Day 12: Feb 26 



Except I got a cold the next day, which was inevitable with period weakness and kids being sneezy. The good thing is having these awesome noodles just an elevator ride down from my office. Yummy and cheap.

Day 13: Feb 27



So, normally I hate being antibiotics but having access to them and generally being able to see a doc for close to nothing is something to be thankful for. Also at that point the antibiotics were being split between: 1) UTI 2) cold 3) weird boil on leg that I didn’t even realise I had because I haven’t looked at my legs through the winter. Which is also nice because imagine I had to take a course separately for each.

Day14: Feb 28



And for reading all this, you deserve a bonus sneak peek at yours truly. I decided to dress up for a meeting and I was pretty darn pleased with how I looked. A jacket and my pearls are my favourite femme power look.