So, the Oscars. I was really looking forward to the red carpet, but as I was discussing with Curly and MinCat (who is clearly suffering from a case of get-interested-in-your-besties-interest), it was mostly meh.

Many people seemed to have decided to dress as Oscar statuettes.

Exhibit A – Angelina Jolie

Exhibit B – Lady Gaga (who both Curly and MinCat liked but I still found too statuesque, albeit in pink rather than gold)

Exhibit C – Jennifer Garner

You get the drift.

Then there were white women who decided to wear pale clothes to make them look even whiter.

Exhibit A – Cate Blanchett

Exhibit B – Jenna Dewan Tatum

Exhibit C – Jessica Biel

Strangely, while Kate Hudson offended on both the above counts, she was my favourite for the night, proving that it is possible to be both a statuesque and pale and still be awesome. Only it’s a hard look to pull off.

My other favourites were:

Amy Adams for looking the best she’s ever looked on the red carpet for not wearing a pale coloured frock.

Kerry Washington, though I suspected I am swayed more by her face, hair, make-up and overall glow than her dress.

Bette Middler

Also liked

Penelope Cruz (despite MinCat proclaiming it a glorified toga).

Most beautiful face/make-up: Camilla Alves

Biggest disappointment: Lupita Nyongo
I guess she had such an awesome run-up on the red carpet that I expected a complete WHAM from her. Instead, she went pale. Which for her, who always wears bold colours, is a shocker and she is not pale-skinned so it does have a different kind of effect, but it just didn’t wow me.

Lovely dress that would have looked better on someone else: Chrissy Tiegan

Biggest laugh

JLaw falling down AGAIN!

Benedict Cummerbatch photobombing U2

The celebrity selfie

JLaw and Lupita playing around Oscar backstage

The Oscars are basically a big advertorial. For the clothes, obviously. But also for the movies. I actually caught some of the show and maybe because I’m doing so after ages, I enjoyed what I saw. Watching the trailers of some of the movies made me want to go watch them, not just the main films but also some of the shorts, documentaries and animated ones.