So since I am doped up on antibiotics (don’t ask, I’m now beginning to think I should just pop them non-stop because there’s always something or the other my body needs them for) and have nothing else to write, I’d record my happy for the week. I gave myself a pass while I was in Mumbai because hey the whole week was happy, but we’re now back to daily programming:

Day 33: 18 March


The kids welcomed me back shyly but they proceeded to stick to me the entire day which made me feel all gooey. My helper E said Benji asked for me every day, though in typical boy fashion he showed it by asking me where his Toto the Auto was as a greeting when he first clapped eyes on me. I had brought back a stash of books for the kids which I’m happy to say they fell on with relish, which makes me think I should have ordered more.

Special mention goes to Minu and her Hair written and illustrated (don’t you hate love people who are good at everything!) by a talented friend from uni. I thought it was particularly apt for all the curly ones in my family but Benji seems to find it tres amusing too. And it always helps mommy when there are wonderfully quirky illustrations. It’s a good read for any kids that looks or feels a different from the norm, especially the prevailing beauty standard. Go get your copy now!

Day 34: 19 March


I clearly lived it up a bit too much in Mumbai because I promptly fell ill on my return, and had to take an extra day off. While moping around the house I was vastly entertained by the cousins whatsapp group started by one of my cousins in which continued the madness and the ragging that had commenced in Mumbai. While I had initially been apprehensive about connecting with these people who I share a blood tie but not that much else in common with, I guess shared memories and genuine affection count for something.

Day 35: 20 March


The mosquitoes and all the street food I ate in India had me panicking that I had contracted something serious, but as I was on the mend by Thursday, I was grateful that it was probably just the flu. How cute are these cross-stiched germs?

Day 36: 21 March


The Happy videos really make me happy and my kids love dancing to it to. Their completely outre dance moves had me cracking up for a good half hour. Here’s Benji grooving to the Happy (India) video in which my bestie Curly has a cameo that completely belies the fact that she’s recovering from a broken foot.

Day 37: 22 March


On the way back from a visit to the dermatologist for an ugly boil on my foot, I witnessed a very sweet scene on the MTR. A little boy gave up his seat to an old lady. And then, as she was slowly easing herself into the seat, the boy put out his hands to steady her and the bag. She was so touched that she reached out and held his head. My heart melted. (The photo had nothing to do with the happy moment, except it was taken on the way to the MTR. I was feeling happy at that moment and liked how the entire facade of that building had been turned into a neon sign).

Day 38: 23  March


Gorgeous idyllic spring morning out with V and the kids. Need I say more?

Day 39: 24 March


I’m always at a loss what to bring back as a treat for the office from India. Indian sweets are too sweet for the Chinese palatte and Indian snacks too spicy. Finally at the airport I found this. And it seems to have hit the jackpot because everyone was oohing and aahing over it.

Day 40: 25 March


Can you believe my sister actually handmade these capes as a superhero theme for my niece’s birthday? She posted a couple for Benji and Mimi and as you can imagine, they were thrilled, running up and down the corridors wheee!

Day 41: 26 March


When I got back to office, my favourite colleague had already left, having quit a month ago. It was a downer not having her there, but we met for lunch and had a good gossip like old times.