The kids have adopted an animal they want to be. Mimi is a meowcat and Benji is a slug. Ahem. Being a meowcat involves crawling, nuzzling people when you want to be patted, saying ‘meow’ as a demand for (pretend and sometimes real) milk, and sometimes biting. Benji started out as a meowcat too, but then he decided it would be nicer to slither like a wormy, sometimes ensconced in a blanket, and then one day he decided a slug was better a worm (because it’s slimy? Has feelers?). If we call him by his name, he says: “I’m not Benji, I’m a slug.” (V is convinced Benji’s sluggy tendencies have something to with vaginal delivery and wanting to regress up the birth canal. Only very rarely is V’s attempts at psychoanalysis on point, this may be one those occasions.)