Half of this week, I was dazed and confused. The latter half, I felt I could see the sky again.

Day 42: 27 March


This is a very bad picture of my favourite Hong Kong dish char siu faan (BBQ pork rice). It helps that it’s available at the canteen for a very reasonable price. The days when it’s cooked to perfection for that price always make me happy.

Day 43: 28 March


Got all squiffy in my killer black dress and low peeptoe heels I bought in Bombay. Very pleased that the pedicure is still going strong.

Day 44: 29 March


Mother of all thunderstorms which the kids watched in shock and awe. Their reactions – fear mixed with inability to tear eyes away from the spectral spectacle – was my high point of the day.

Day 45: 30 March


I don’t do chores that often because I don’t need to, having two very efficient helpers at home, one of whom is like a mind-reader. After ages, got down to washing my own brush and comb. Strangely satisfying.

Day 46: 31 March


Pedicure still going strong and happy with second pair of black heels acquired in Bombay.

Day 47: 2 April


I thoroughly enjoyed this sequel to Mayil Will Not Be Quiet, and I’ve totally given up all pretense that I’m saving it for the kids. It’s all for me me me. Children’s lit or YA or whatever, I am going to reread it. Obviously Mayil is the one I identify with the most, but each character is so special. Get your copy on Flipkart or the Tulika website. Actually, the happy from this book lasted for two days. GB, Can we have trequel please?

Day 48: 3 April


Reading this was long overdue and while there have been many not-so-flattering reviews (I think, that’s the general impression I get), I enjoyed it. Yes, it’s not on par with the first Bridget book, but there’s lots of enjoy. I’ll do a separate post on it, since this one has become gargantuan.

Day 50: 4 April


Benji’s school sports day. I’m not thrilled with his school or the sports day, but there was a moment when V was down on the court dancing with Benji and I looked at them doing the silly steps ineptly and my heart just filled with love and joy and I teared up. It’s very hard to rationally explain the why of kids, but basically it comes down to moments like these. Such a simple thing, but your heart just expands and fills to the brim in a way that very few other things offer. Yeah, kids are work but the good bits are so so good in a way that almost nothing else can compare and the good bits are every day, they keep coming.

Day 51: 5 April 


Had a breakthrough conversation with V over breakfast and then frolicked outside with the kids. High point was pointing out a spider in this tree trunk. “why is it not moving,” they asked. “Because it’s asleep,” I improvised, though it was quite possibly dead. And the kids began singing in unison: Go to sleep, little spider, go to sleep.

Day 52: 6 April


Another beautiful day out in the great outdoors. Finally, it’s spring. I love being outside, breathing fresh air, in any weather. Hong Kong makes it very possible to stay indoors and V takes full advantage of that, but I choose outside even in a drizzle. We went to this park for the first time, and in addition to have a course for racing remote controlled cars which was obviously a hit with Benji, it has these huge sloping greens which are a change from what’s usually available in Hong Kong.