Day 53: 7 April


After ages, my health let up and I started walking from the MTR to office again. Having not done this for so long, my body is welcoming the physical activity.

Day 54: 8 April


Easter is almost upon us. V’s aunt sent some Easter-themed goodies for the kids, which I must admit I’m kind of monopolising. What? Candy is bad for kids. Adults too, but my health is a lost cause anyway. The point, though, is why do these egg-shaped chocolates make me happier than the usual square-shaped pieces?

Day 55: 9 April


Had a lovely lunch with Office colleagues during which I spent most of the time sharing kids’ schooling woes with one of colleagues. In between, someone suggested I try pigs’ ear and I did and it was… interesting and I don’t mean that in a bad way. It tasted like cartiledge but firmer. Fine, as long as you don’t picture the ear.

Day 56: 10 April


Had lunch with my favourite colleague who quit last month. I didn’t expect us to keep that much in touch, because I’ve noticed that often these office friendships fizzle especially if they’re cross-cultural, but so far we’ve been meeting for lunch once a week. Helps that she’s not working yet. Her family recently adopted a cat, and we oohed and it’s cute to see her in the indulgent parent role.

Day 57: 11 April


The kids love rummaging in my photo drawer, somewhat ruining the photos but I’m too lazy to stop them. This time they each collected a stash of their own baby photos and very proudly showed them to the other people at home. It got a tad competitive when they kept demanding more photos of themselves so as to up their pile.

Day 58: 12 April


Met a friend for dinner and had one of those much-needed no-holds-barred conversations about the state of our respective marriages. Much alcohol and bawdiness was involved.

Day 59: 13 April


Spent a lot of quality time with the kids, despite being quite hung over. In the morning took Benji to a cooking class I had booked. Before the class, we shared a chocolate milkshake at a cafe. Benji shares my love of eating out in nice-looking restaurants. It was so cute to see him light up, and to spend time with him just us. The cooking class was fun too but he takes a long time to warm up to new adults. The pancake we made was lovely and was something even I think I could replicate at home. In the evening, went to the park with them and then later, we just hung out on the bed, while Benji built enormous towers of Lego and Mimi clicked photos of him with my phone, including this one.