Day 58: 14 April

I was born in the 80s and grew up on 80s music classics such as the music of Madonna, Dire Straits, George Michael and the like with a bit of 70s thrown in and later 90s music. I never quite grew out of this music and till today, it’s the genre that I love dancing to and which never fails to perk me up. So imagine my joy when I discovered the 80s channels on iTunes Radio. The downside is that I’ve slid so far back into the 80s, I don’t think I’m ever going to catch up with contemporary tunes.


Day 59: 15 April

I had discovered this restaurant in the mall near my office a while ago, but hadn’t been back for a long time. It was a pleasure to revisit on a whim and find the food as delish as ever.


Day 60: 16 April

I discovered Janet Evanovich’s books later and never looked back once I did. My current problem is figuring out where I left off after a long hiatus. So it made me doubly  happy to not only get my hands on a copy but also to have hit on exactly the one I needed in the series.


Day 61: 17 April

Finally, I broke the news to my office that I’ll be leaving. It was a bittersweet and slightly scary moment (because out of the generosity of my heart, I’m giving much longer notice than I need to, and I hoped they would not replace me before I wanted to go), but I was overwhelmed by the warm reactions from my colleagues on the news that I had got the fellowship.



Day 62: 18 April

The Easter weekend is a long one in Hong Kong. Before we had kids, we’d travel during this period, but we’ve discovered the joys of staying put and making short excursions around our city. We bought an annual pass to Ocean Park, the local theme park, and went twice during the weekend – once on Friday and again on Sunday. Needless to say, the kids loved it. The park is supposed to be very crowded on weekends, but our strategizing worked and we didn’t have to queue up much.

I had two happies that day, because V unearthed the sausages from Goa I had brought back from India. A neighbor I had taken some Chinese candy for was off to Goa the weekend I was in Mumbai and she brought sausages back for me. I very nearly didn’t bring them back to Hong Kong because I was concerned about the weight of my luggage, but I’m so glad I did because it’s a simple dish to prepare and I loved it so much I had it with a bun for breakfast, with rice for lunch and dinner, and with bread for breakfast the next morning.


Day 63: 19 April

Took Benji for an interest class in my office neck of the woods. It’s always nice to spend one-on-one time with each child as they really bloom under the attention (which translates into talking non-stop). Benji is pointing to the Lion Rock in the distance.


Day 64: 20 April

We went back to Ocean Park and this time paid a visit to the pandas. I’m a total fan of pandas, and was more excited than the kids watching Mei Mei or was it Ling Ling chewing on bamboo.


Day 65: 21 April

Tim Ho Wan, a Michelin star dim sum restaurant, opened in Tseung Kwan O. The whole family went for breakfast and the food lived up to its name because the kids belted it – on their own! – like dumplings were going out of style. My favourites were the spinach and beef dumplings pictured here as well as the pan-friend spinach and shrimp ones.