I was predisposed to like this movie, and I did.

I watched the first part – the part where she gets dumped – and then took a break because I had to go out. That part stayed with me. I’ve always been of the school of thought that it’s better to back out of a marriage before the wedding itself, if you’re having serious doubts, even at the last minute. But after watching that section of Queen, I began to wonder whether it might practically be better for all concerned to just go ahead with the ceremony, give it a shot and break up later.

I know this sounds crazy, but it just seemed really terrible, hurtful and embarrassing to have to call it off right at the last minute. The number of people you’d have to explain to and the curiosity and sympathy would be endless and all at one go. On the other, if you broke up later, it somehow seems less dramatic, and sure, you’d have to explain but not all at once, and the news of the breakup could spread through the gossip vines and you’d not have to do it personally. Also, if you cancelled at the last minute, I’d assume you’d have to pay the full cost of everything.

I have a friend who had serious doubts about his wedding right before it. He even tried whatever he could to break off the engagement; in retrospect it sounded quite hilarious though obviously he was in a lot of angst at the time. But in the end, short of saying I just don’t want to do this, which he couldn’t find it in himself to do, he couldn’t wiggle out, having agreed earlier on, and so he went ahead. It broke up within a year, and did turn kind of ugly. He admitted there was a lot of unhappiness on both sides, and the woman he married did suffer, though she’s now moved on and seems more okay than him in fact. But would it have been better or worse if he had just ditched it at the altar, so to speak? After watching the first part of Queen, I don’t know, though movie’s answer in the end is “yes”.

The rest of the movie is very uplifting. Some of it is unrealistic, like Rani seemed to have a lot of money to be able to take cabs around Paris. Also, I did think the two women in Europe – Vijaylaxmi and the girl called Roxette were too sexualized, but maybe the intention was to portray the opposite of Rani herself. The three roomies, particularly the Japanese guy were slightly caricatured, but it’s a Hindi movie after all. I also thought that maybe everything need not have been blamed on the horrible fiancé – such as her lack of confidence in driving being related to him putting her down – though I have to say it was very emotionally satisfying to think of him as a thorough asshole.

I did wish she got together with the Russian guy. Did she? When I was looking for images for this post, there’s one with him and her kissing. I didn’t see that happen. Well, technically, it is good that it didn’t end with her finding a man, though he was so hot, it does seem kind of a waste.

Your thoughts?