Day 66: April 22

Probably only parents will get this, but my happiest moment on this day was that Mimi did a poo without struggling. She had not crapped for two days and I was beginning to think it we’d have to give her something for it and/or be faced with really hard poo, but it was fine. Yay!


Day 67: April 23

I had bought a stash of new beauty products and began using them. Chia Seed Oil-Free Moisturizer from The Face Shop, some pomergranite and rose toner from Natio, Shiseido Make-Up Removing Gel and Cane Sugar lotion from an unheard-off brand. This is the first time I’m using toner in my life. Long overdue I think. Buying a Shu Uemera make-up remover for Curly seems to have propelled me in the Japanese direction, and I have to say my skin felt awesome after and I might go in this direction for cleanser as well.


Day 68: April 24

Finally V asked if we should do some exercise twice a week and I felt up to it, especially as the weather is great and we can walk/run/stretch outdoors. As it would happen, it was slightly rainy but we persevered and I’m glad.



Day 69: April 25

One of the first books Benji really got into was Sunu Sunu Snail, and since then we’ve both been a little obsessed with snails. Just the sight of them makes me happy. When it rains, there are always a bunch of them slithering around the roof garden outside the office and I tread carefully so as not to step on them.



Day 70: April 26

Went for a classical concert after ages. I’m always impressed by the horn section because if you’ve ever played with those mouthorgans that seemed ubiquitous in our childhood, you’d know it takes a great deal of skill to actually coax a melody out of the instrument and not have it sound like a blaring menace.


Day 71: April 27

Watched and loved Queen.


Day 72: April 28

A story I needed to get done was stalled because I couldn’t seem to get anyone to agree to be interviewed, which always sucks. Rejection stings. But finally I did manage to get hold of two willing souls, bless them!


Day 73: April 29

Benji had an interview at a new school we are considering and he surprised us by how well he did. He was offered a place (and then the agonizing started over whether to accept but that’s another story). Also, just as I was going to bed, my cousin whatsapped me to let me know she had got a job teaching at the college we both went to. It brought back memories of those classes and how they influenced me, and the thought of my cousin be that person to a new generation of students tickled me pink.


Day 74: April 30

The agonizing over what to do about Benji’s school was getting to me, and I reached out to another mum. Although nothing was resolved after I chatted with her, I came away feeling better and grateful for the support of other women.


Day 75: May 1

This photo of the kids gazing at Bollywood dance moves was not my happiest moment, particularly as they are too close to the TV. I had a lovely time with them in the morning first at an arcade store and later in the rooftop park in the mall where they blithely splashed in puddles and interacted with the other kids there. I love seeing them confident and also being a team in a playground.