Day 90: 16 May


Art Basel Hong Kong has become one of the must-do events of my year. Thankfully, most often someone or the other gives me tickets. This time, went with a friend, and unfortunately we ran into another couple there, which meant that we were four people trying to look at art and make conversation. I must avoid going to exhibitions with other people in the future. The need to keep pace with other people and say something about the art is too annoying. Especially when people feel the need to repeatedly mention how their two-year-old could have drawn that. Thankfully, I managed to shrug off the two extras, at the risk of coming across as rude. This time, I had totally abandoned my dream of owning art of this calibre and simply looked and discovered new artists and marveled at some masters, such as the Picasso above in a style that’s a little different from his usual work. Friend pointed out the work of Zao Wu-ki and I discovered the work of Gao Xingjian.

Day 91: 17 May


I had applied for a US visa and got one fairly easily. The most irritating part was filling up the form, which is long, full of stupid questions (“are you a terrorist?”) and had some technical problems. Gathering the documents was relatively simple. In the end, all they asked for was the company letter. My appointment was at 9.30, I arrived there 10 minutes early, went through some preliminary checking and was out in 15 minutes. One of the glitches of the online system was that it didn’t allow me enough characters to fill in my home address which meant I had to collect it myself. I had been a tad anxious that something would be wrong because I belatedly realised they hadn’t taken the hard copy of my photograph, but it turned out to be fine. On the way back from collecting my visa, I got some yummy choux from a local bakery. V who is a fan of these polished off three in short order and for once was reluctant to share with the kids.

Day 92: 18 May


This was a really huge breakthrough day in my tumultuous relationship with V. We sat on the rocks on the promenade near our apartment and had a mammoth conversation. Finally the walls came down, and we are on the path to some sort of reconciliation.

Day 93: May 19


The kids usually have a bath in a small tub placed in our big bathtub. For the first time ever, I filled the big tub and let them go “swimming”. They enjoyed themselves immensely, so much so that Mimi has started demanding “to swim in mummy’s bathtub” every day and throwing tantrums when thwarted. The only thing that caused her to shut up was my repeatedly saying how we can’t waste water because some people don’t have enough to drink. Not sure she grasped the concept, and she didn’t look fully convinced, but it did succeed in getting her to pipe down and only emit small whines instead of yelling her head off.

Day 94: May 20


Life is very peaceful when one is not fighting with one’s husband. In fact, it was easier to identify happy moments when there was a lot of surrounding stress.

Day 95: May 21


Case in point. It was generally a good day. The cherry-on-the-top was the kicks I got out of discovering Mimi and I were wearing matchy-matchy outfits.