There’s good news for those of you who are sick of all the happy on this blog. I’m done. 100 days of recording a happy moment every day. Here’s the final installment:

Day 96: May 22


Benji’s school was having a fancy dress party where each child had to dress up as a different profession. Last time, we had him go as a doctor. This time, I was considering just buying a costume, as anyway I realised my kids use the costumes quite a bit to play at home. Then, V suggested doing a home-made chef’s costume as Benji likes cooking. I found exactly the right paper to make the hat and all we had to do was staple it together. I bought a cheap kids apron, and we hand him a ladle and a wooden spoon and voila! He looked super cute if I may say so myself and was pleased with his outfit. Then, Mimi started making noises so V used the leftover paper to make a crown for her.Coincidentally, we were watching Master Chef when I clicked the photo.

Day 97: May 23


You know those awesome quote things that come up on Pinterest? I always wanted to make one of my own. Finally, a bit of googling and trial and error and I had figured it out. Pretty pinnable quotes for the win! I also finally downloaded a barcode scanner app and it was quite magical how you’re taken to the website once your phone scans the code. It was a good day for fiddling with technology.

Day 98: May 24


It was our helper’s birthday, so we all went to Ocean Park. Since the focus was on her, we tried to do the adult rides which we normally bypass in favour of the kiddie stuff. V urged E, our helper, to try this crazy-looking ride. Poor thing – she’s suspended up there upside down. I copped out of the line halfway, but did another really fast ride with her. It all proved too much and she threw up in the cab. But I hope we enjoyed herself, though I doubt she’s doing any of those rides again.

Day 99: May 25


It’s been really hot these days so I figured it was time to use the swimming pool in our estate. We don’t use it as much as we should be the kids seem to have perennial colds which I don’t want to exacerbate. However, this time we decided to just do it although Mimi had a slightly runny nose because she had been asking to go swim in my bathtub and I didn’t want to make a habit of that. I rushed down to buy swim diapers but there weren’t any so we decided to just go without because the kids are pretty good at controlling these days. We didn’t have floats either, but ended up having a lovely time and far exceeded the half hour I thought we’d spend. V and I have vowed to do more swimming ourselves as an exercise. (I took the photo in the evening; it was bright and sunny when we were there).

Day 100: May 26


Finally, it appears that the skies are clearing with regard to Benji’s school. On Saturday, I had had a meeting with Benji’s teacher which confused me because I could see they did take a lot of trouble. On Sunday, I dragged myself to the new school for an Open Day and I’m glad I did because I got a lot more information on what they do there, the background of the principal and even met the teachers. There’s no guarantee that Benji will love the new school but he has a greater chance in this environment.