Banji ran around with a box with one chocolate in it making a knocking sound. “Don’t touch my castanet!” he shouted when Mimi tried to grab it. If I hadn’t read his book Conchita’s Party I wouldn’t even have known what a castanet is. He identified it by sound. Maybe from school?

The kids love the song from Frozen. They sit around belting out: let it go, let it gooooo!

Took Benji to a museum, leaving Mimi at home. It’s so much easier to manage one child, especially these days when they seem to set each other off. The next day, I took Mimi to the park alone – she refused to cooperate and go to the same park as Benji. It was terribly hot and I had to coax her along but it was easier than with the two of them. Holding her little hand is the best.

This afternoon after a stint of watching Frozen, once Mimi had gone to bed, Benji said he wanted to play for a while. And as I vegged out on the couch he went crazy with his toys on his own. It made me wonder if the reason he seems to be constantly fighting with Mimi is that her presence infringes on his need to build an imaginative world.

“Who bought it, who bought it?” they clamour and when Mimi points to my arms, I say, “God gave this to me.” And they perk up and Benji asks me to repeat: “What?” In the distance, I can hear the stiffening of the helpers in their silence as they keen to hear me articulate the missing G word. But I can’t bring myself to, I dissemble. “This you have owned since you were born,” I say pointing to Beji’s arms. And so it continues, this experiment in godlessness.