The two are not connected, except in the case of gripes (hee hee) about the World Cup.

So I have had an upset tummy (this is the most euphemistic way I have found of explaining to people what’s wrong with me) for the past week or so. It had its roots in the Hot Chips V brought back from Bangalore at my insistence and also the amazing mangoes from his dad’s farm (separate post on that maybe, it’s too tragic to talk about the two mangoes I could not eat at this point.) Then period came and threw system out of whack and I had to crown it with eating a really dodgy kebab roll, the kind where the meat had to be spat out it was so chewy.

Voila, a runny tummy. You know it’s bad when you voluntarily eat congee. Congee and Marie biscuits are the hallmarks of sad state of affairs. And I’ve been going on like this for five days. The silver lining could have been weight loss, but only two kilos maximum have been lost, and that seems too paltry for my pains because they can quite easily be gained back when I recover my appetite. I have also been hoping for flawless skin owing to lack of oil and spice (and frankly anything else) but that has not exactly happened, though there has been reduction of flare-ups for which I’m grateful. I guess I can’t expect to glow when I’m in the grey of unhealth.

The worst part is that I have been having really severe muscle pain starting from the butt to my calves, so much so that I wondered if I have arthritis (which runs in my family). But I’ve had this kind of muscle pain before on a lesser scale with infections so I think it’s connected but I’ve had a couple of nights of literally waking up in pain and this is too much penance for just a kebab roll really.

Now that I’ve decided to see the doctor again and booked an appointment, pain has lessened. But if I decide to cancel, it will definitely come back, so I’ve decided to just go to the doctor and describe symptoms as they existed at the beginning of the day.

Okay verbal diarrhea on this subject done.


Now the World Cup. Obviously I’m very excited seeing as I have been excited about football World Cups since 1994 when my sister got very into it, so obviously I had to. Since then we’ve supported Italy, primarily because she had a crush on Paolo Maldini, who I also thought was hot but was forced to change track by sister and crush on Roberto Baggio instead who then went on to dash Italy’s hope by fudging a penalty kick.

Apart from teenage hormones (which we haven’t really outgrown) we also were genuinely into the football. I never got into league football, though we did champion AC Milan due to Maldini again, but we watched a fair amount of football when we could. In fact, our house was the gathering place for my sis and her guy friends to watch the World Cup when she was in college.

This is the first time I was not super excited by the World Cup. I think all the bad press about how wasteful it was got to me. And also, Hong Kong has this stupid cable system where one provider will grab the rights and then you have to sign up for some uber-expensive year-long package just to be able to watch the event. Or you can watch the free games they deign to show on the free channels, which anyway are at weird times. So it seemed futile to drum up enthusiasm.

And I managed to actually stay unenthusiastic for the first match, which was unfortunate because it was a dinger. V asked me if I wanted to wake up for it, and I was tempted but I said no in order to be responsible adult and look after children the next day and not be bleary eyed, and I’m trying to stick to that…but now I’m fully into it. Especially after we caught the Italy-Englnad match and Italy won!

I’ve actually grown less fond of Italy since the Zidane-Materazzi incident. I generally think they do too much drama (which V thinks is ironic coming from me.) Now I’ve realised they just wear the opposing team down with their drama, and then out of the blue (literally) score. It’s all very confusing to watch because they’re not the best team, but they win . Also, there’s something endearing about Mario Balotelli.

Okay now to the gripes:

  1. There was this extremely sexist Facebook feed doing the rounds in the form of a letter of a male football fan to his wyfe (sic). It contained such gems as “U dont just pass infront of the tv if am watching soccer, u better crawl on the floor.” Signed off by “Gentleman’s Association” if you please. And the lunkheads on my timeline were sharing it. Ugh. Breaking news, guys, women watch and play football too. We even know what offside is, and it’s not that complicated!
  2. Now laddiz. Yes, we all have teams and players that we think are hot. But can we not only post such status updates on Facebook, or talk about how hot this or that person is incessantly? Once is enough. Then also talk about the football okay? Otherwise it is too boring. Kthanxbi.