Read it in one day-ish. It was that good, but also I was suffering from extreme angst and needed a distraction so read into the wee hours. Also, it’s not a voluminous tome.

  1. It had me at the title.
  2. I wavered on the first page. After that, I was a goner.
  3. I’m developing a thing for YA if I didn’t already have one. Inching towards John Green, don’t know why I’m so reticent. Maybe the hype and fear of disappointing MinCat with my reaction.
  4. Yes, people don’t talk like that. I think the kids in YA books are the kooky and precocious ones. And those of us who love those books have some of that inside us.
  5. I feel like if I want to take a stab at writing, YA might be doable.
  6. Ok this is not much of a review, is it? But I never claimed it was, so there!