1. Toast and tea (a good start!)
2. Quarter packet of chips (and downhill from there)
3. Maggi
4. Kaaju katli
5. A medium sized packet of chips*
6. Chocolate-chip cookie
7. Green tea Japanese sweet that was the sweetest Asian desert I’ve ever tasted.
8. Piece of chocolate
9. Banana
10. Lamb curry and rice/Thai curry and rice (clearly I am not over that time when my helper used very old Thai curry ingredients and I have the mother of all food poisoning. Thai curry still makes me queasy.)
11. Kaaju katli

Needless to say all the good work done in the aftermath of horrible stomach bug has dissipated. Face is like oil well and love handles spilleth over. Beyond caring though.

*I dragged myself into work after lunch. Co-worker spotted me eating chips and kept cross-questioning me about how I was eating chips if I was sick. Chinese people have a very strong idea about what should eat when one is unwell, but geez, could we just put something down to cultural differences and leave it? I didn’t want to tell her I took half-day off for my period. So I just stonewalled politely. Annoying though.