Today was the kind of day I imagined having when I started the PhD.

I played with Mimi for a bit in the morning and took Benji to school. I connected with a couple of mothers there. Both are wealthy and live in the same area. They spoke of needing a driver. Why not just live somewhere more convenient in this city of convenience, I wondered. I felt a bit smug about my humble abode which is so easy to get to. We decided to meet for coffee which will not happen as soon as I think because unlike them I am not just waiting around for the next school pick-up.

Came home and took Mimi down for a swim. I had been conflicted about whether to do that or just buckle down and study but I’m glad I did. I got some exercise in, though going swimming with a two-year-old requires one to plead for a bit of swimming as opposed to splashing in the baby pool.

Came back, checked email for a bit during which time Mimi queried why I had to do anything of the sort and then ditched me for Tita J and her playdough. Then collected Benji from school. He convinced me to buy something from the bakery which is becoming a habit I need to break.

Had a huge much-needed nap in the afternoon. Then spent an hour with the kids, and packed them off to play just as they were getting restless and attempting to bang on my computer. Got some solid reading in – Simone de Beauvoir, Michele le Doeuf and bell hooks. I am tempted to post some quotations but too lazy.

The difference a nap makes is tremendous. I was able to engage with the kids when they came up instead of constantly feeling like I needed to sleep.

Once they went to bed, back to reading. I know this kind of ideal day is not going to be incessantly possible because I am probably going to have a class on Thursday by the end of the month. But it was nice to have one.