I was kinda dreading getting back to the grind after out minibreak but Monday turned out to be a good start.

The reason I was dreading it was because I had three tutorials to take in a row – and I’ve moaned enough about these, not to mention that dismal last one – and to make matters worse the troublesome Kant course got re-scheduled to Monday at a very inconvenient time that would have had be at uni from 9 am to 9.30 pm.

Luckily, my tutorials turned out to be more stimulating that normal, maybe because the texts were paintings so the students did not necessarily have to do any advance work. And I decided to just go home and rest after them, and take the train back to the uni in the evening for the Kant class, at which I had to give a presentation.

I had been dreading the presentation because I find Kant really challenging. First of all, grasping his meaning. And then when I grasp it, I’m not impressed. And then the people in the class are at all different levels (I am somewhere in the middle to bottom). And then having slaved over the presentation it got postponed – okay I’ve moaned about that before.

Anyway, I was well rested for the presentation, which was not stellar. I am really not a great presenter, but also, stuff that I thought I was clear on, suddenly came undone in my head under the stress of presentation. Next time, I’m just going to print out a paper and read it like the other students did because anyway this is more discussion group than class.

It was a good thing I rested, because the class went on till 10.30 pm. That’s the main thing about the class that annoys me. It overruns, and we’re talking a class that’s from 6.30 pm to 9 pm on a good day. And then, they decide to skip a session and make-up at some totally inconvenient time. Which happened again. This was a supposed to be a make-up for last week’s skipped class, only they decided to skip another class so now we have to make up for that class on a Saturday. Arrrgh. I’ve decided to just go with it.

The main thing is that it was decided that the final assessment would just be a another presentation of the Dialectic portion of the book. Which suits me fine because I think I would have gone mad if I had to apply Kant’s theory to anything, leave alone anything remotely related to my PhD project. So although we emerged at 10.30 pm, I did a little jig inside.