I am beginning to think my phone is jinxed.

Remember when the screen cracked and I had pay half the price of the phone to get a replacement since it wasn’t under warranty. Since then I’ve been super careful with it. So imagine my shock when last week, I noticed it on my desk with the body of the phone popping out of the case again. This time, I didn’t want to wedge it back in like I had done the last time because that resulted in my screen going blank a few weeks later.

A quick google showed that this is a problem with the 5C model; some people recommended biting it to make the two pieces click together again. Panicking, I set up an appointment with the Apple Store. Luckily, they were able to fix it right there. I wonder if the guy bit it behind the scenes.

I was so happy that my phone got a second chance and was returned to me on the spot.

Cut to yesterday.

Worked like a fiend and got home. Benji was puking in the toilet, he has been sick for the past few days. I flung my bag on the bed and attended to him. Asked my helper to go down and get a doctor’s appointment. Looked for my phone so that she could call and tell me what time.

It wasn’t there. I couldn’t believe it. We looked and looked and couldn’t find it. I knew that I had had it at the station before I got in the train as I had unplugged my earphones. And I had got out of the train and come straight home, which is right above the MTR station.

I couldn’t believe it was lost, and yet, I had not wandered around the house much so where could it be. Finally, I called the MTR Lost and Found. To my surprise, the lady said a phone matching my description was on their system. I couldn’t believe my ears. She asked me to call the station 15 minutes later.

And they had my phone!

I’ll admit that I prayed a lot in that hour. I had just paid for a new phone and couldn’t afford to buy another. V would have been maha pissed with me if I lost the phone. In fact, the last repair job resulted in a cold war that we had just recovered from. So yeah.

What was amazing was how the lady on the phone and the guys in the station control room seemed to so happy to give me back my phone. It turns out an MTR staff member found it and turned it in. The efficiency of their process of registering the phone on the system meant I had it back a little a couple of hours after I lost it.

I’m a little afraid of this phone now. I know I’m careless but this seems like a bit too much even for me.