As some of you pointed out, Mimi is shooting up. We still like to think of her as a baby, a claim she hotly denies, but the fact is, we’re the ones in denial.

Anyway, before they’re lost forever, I want to chronicle some of Mimi’s unique phrasing before the inevitable decline into grammatical perfection begins:

1. “Who/ What that loud?”: Loud here is a noun, meant to encompass “sound/noise”.

2. “Who’s that name?”: What’s his/her name.

3. “This will feel me better?”: Will this make me feel better? Mainly for medicine or a certain kind of food when she’s ill. Can also be a statement of fact: “It feels me better.”

4. “[something] is a bad word”: The something could be brushing her teeth, wearing a new dress when she wants to wear the same pink thing she’s been wearing for two days, dal when she wants to eat mince. Anything can be a “bad word” if it’s not what she wants at the time.

5. “I’m three years old” (holding up two fingers)

6. “Let’s count!”: Mimi loves to count stuff. I hope her Math skills take off, because then she can be my human calculatator muhahahahaha.

7. “WatchuwantNene”: “What do you want Nene?” (Nene is her pet name for Benji…I might have to rechristen him on this blog). Only the darling big brother gets this kind of conciliatory tone.

This list might keep showing up in your reader as I update it. Sorry in advance.