1. I saw a lady with a guide dog in the MTR for the first time ever. I only noticed because someone sort of grabbed her before she went on the wrong escalator. The visually impaired lady then said, “this way, this way” to her dog. The dog had this “okay then” expression on its face. It was kind of ironic because isn’t the guide dog supposed to guide the lady and not vice versa. Obviously, my first instinct was to go pet the dog but I restrained myself because that would probably throw everyone off course.

2. What I thought were two children in the seats reserved for people who might need them were actually two little people. Notable only because I’ve never seen two little people together in Hong Kong.

3. The lady with headphones on two seats away from me started singing loudly. The woman next to her looked startled. The lady stopped and then started again. Not sure if she realised she was singing aloud or not. She seemed very happy with herself in general.