We went on a minibreak to Lantau at the end of March. I was grumpy in the run-up because the weather was still cold, and so what was the point if we couldn’t swim. Plus, I had hit a really busy spot at work so it wasn’t the best time.

And then, of course, on the day we were to leave, I got my period. Because of course. That pushed me over the edge and I was generally pissed.

But it worked out well. The change of scene was soothing and refreshing. I got enough rest. It was too cold to swim, so I didn’t have to choose whether to use a tampon. The kids did splash about the water though, but I just sat in the sunshine. Yes, the sun came out and the weather held throughout.

Here are some memories:

A house with stairs! Suddenly, I am craving more space. Maybe because I’m doing a PhD I want a room of my own. But also, I feel a bigger kitchen would be nice, which always elicits a snort from V because ‘why do you care what size the kitchen is?’ Well, I care because I would like other people to have a nice experience while cooking;)

Lantau wildlife always cause a stir. 

The relative cold didn’t deter the kids. 

Happy feet (mine).   

We did a day trip to Tai O. I’ve always wanted to take the kids but it turned out to be pretty boring for them because the boats out to see the famous pink dolphins didn’t start their runs as early as when we got there. V and I wandered around, while the kids played in a regular ol’ playground.  

Dragon boats in waiting. 

Cat on a barrel of shrimp paste.